Writing and other things I have no business doing.

This is where I will be posting my writings on my Art, Art Theory, Pop Culture, Visual Culture, and the artistic process.

In the next few weeks, a link will also be added to my thesis to be read in hypertext.

Artist Statement (esoteric)

I am a conscientious subjector//

My work is an attempt at imposing a particular view upon a system for reflection or inquiry, but in a manner that is sensitive to the needs I want a viewer to have.

The work is about the systems and constructs we surround ourselves with; by choice or by coincidence, intentional or otherwise,

I am a passive subversive//

I present my work in the language of the “Art World” as juxtaposed with the “every-man,” in the parlance of our times,

the areas where ideas clash, colors mix, and new flavors are invented.

The vehicles present themselves, more often than not, in the guise of humor. Funny but not ha ha. Quirky without charm or charmingly creepy. Laughing out loud without making a sound.

I am a cultural sponge// a quoter of media, a predator of awkwardness, a hunter of subliminality, a devotee of the banal, a true-believer, a man alone, ingrained and engrossed,

obsessive but not compulsive, compulsive without obsession,

a great consumer, a good critic, and a person who thrives in doubt;

Faith with uncertainty.

Connection without contact.

Relative but no relation.

Subjected to objectivity.

Mediated in a post-medium era.

I am a sheep in wolf’s clothing//

A media monastic, Pop-piety revealing meaning in static;

Floccinaucinihilipilificationism as my theological philosophy.

I digress, divergence over convergence//

It is asking and awkwardness. I don’t have the answers//

Colon right parentheses.